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Balancing Cleansing Cream

Balancing Cleansing Cream

125ml ℮ 4.24 fl oz

A Balancing Cleansing Cream enriched with skin neutralising actives that melts away make-up, dirt and environmental build up. Formulated with a complex of AHA and amino acids, polishing away dead skin cells and accelerating cell renewal to boost cell vitality, revealing a brighter and balanced skin perfectly prepped for treatment.

Fragranced with a blend of essential oils of Mint and Neroli to soothe, tone, balance and calm.

Essential pH balance for healthy skin.


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  • This amazing multi-active Balancing Cleansing Cream is the perfect cleanser for those who want their skincare to work a little bit harder. As well as sweeping away makeup, impurities and environmental build up, this cleanser regulates the production of sebum, leading to clearer, brighter skin. Combining anti-ageing properties with anti-oxidants means that our dermatologist-approved cleanser can provide both the instant gratification of a boost to tired, dull skin and long term protection.

    Bioretinol and Glycopeptides for collagen synthesis have been combined to make the surface of the skin appear smoother in texture and tone, whilst boosting cell renewal for a younger, brighter looking complexion. Our Seboclear formula is combined with amino acid complexes to target blemishes and blackheads at the root, treating visible blemishes whilst preventing more from forming.

    Essential oils are blended with the clinic-standard active ingredients in our formulas to create a luxurious experience that leaves you soothed and rejuvenated. Here at Vivderma, we believe that your skincare should be more than simply effective, but should also provide you with an enjoyable, uplifting experience when you use it.

    The Balancing Cleansing Cream is no exception, fragranced with mint and neroli to calm and boost the senses in preparation for the day ahead. Take a few minutes out of your day to bask in the sweet, tingling scent of this skincare routine, whilst it penetrates into the layers of the skin for a rejuvenation of the mind and the complexion.

    More Information

    • Contains anti-ageing actives and anti-oxidants

    • Regulates sebum production

    • Reveals a brighter and balanced skin

    • Improves skin texture and tone

    • For normal, oily and sensitive skin

    Usage Instructions

    Apply to wet skin, massage gently over the face and neck, Rinse off with warm water Use day and night

  • DERMAHEALTH Biomimetic Skin Complex™ (B.S.C™)

    The Biomimetic structure of this formula mimics the natural biological conditions of healthy skin to ensure optimal absorption, skin compatibility and delivery of actives to each layer of the skin.

    AHA and Amino Acid Complex

    Provides gentle exfoliation for improved texture and a clearer complexion.

    Bimiol BSC® 033

    Lamellar system that protects skin barrier function and regenerates the skin's lipid layer from the outside.


    To help improve skin texture and tone.


    Glycopeptides for collagen synthesis and support of the skin's dermal mattress.

    Vitamin C Lipodisq®

    Super anti-oxidant protection and collagen synthesis.


    To reduce sebum production, blackheads, redness and inflammation.

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