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Cellular Recovery System

Cellular Recovery System

4 x 7ml ℮ 4 x 0.23 fl oz

This clinically inspired treatment provides a 4 week intensive course of concentrated retinol to help visibly improve the appearance of ageing to the skin. By accelerating the cellular turnover, younger skin cells are brought to the surface, wrinkles are visibly improved and skin tone is more firm, taught and refined. This daily treatment helps to boost collagen production to improve the structure of the skin that creates the contours of the complexion. This concentrated treatment also helps diminish the appearance of age spots and areas of pigmentation, while also combatting skin breakouts.

Week by week the concentration of retinol is gradually increased once skin has been treated.


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  • Retinol is a vitamin A product, which is essential for promoting cell renewal in the skin, unclogging pores and boosting collagen production. Once our four-week treatment programme is complete, the complexion can appear clearer, brighter and smoother, with a viable reduction in the appearance of fine lines. Effective for both acne and signs of ageing, this intensive course can completely overhaul hard-working skin. The boost in collagen production that the product promotes can make the skin appear firmer, improving skin structure and making the face appear more contoured. By delivering vitamin A to the deeper layers of the skin, our intensive treatment course can boost cellular turnover, improving visible wrinkles and smoothing the complexion. It also works to unclog the pores, removing dead skin cells, and clearing blemishes for visibly brighter, clearer skin.

    Over the four-week course, the concentration of retinoid in the treatment is increased, allowing the skin to adjust to the product and prevent irritation or inflammation. This clinically-inspired skincare treatment allows you to gain all the benefits of regular visits to your dermatologist, without the upheaval. Relax, unwind, and experience the stunning results of professional skincare in the comfort of your own home.

    More Information

    Week by week the concentration of retinol is gradually increased once skin has been treated.

    • Advanced concentrated retinol repair system

    • Fights fine lines and wrinkles

    • Lightens and brightens photodamaged skin

    • Clears age spots

    • Smoothes mottled rough skin

    • Maintains and builds skin firmness

    • For all skin types

    Usage Instructions

    Smooth 2 drops over clean skin daily before moisturising preferably at night. Due to the intensity of the treatment, recommendation is to repeat up to three or four times a year, depending on skin requirements.

    Warning: If products get into eyes rinse with warm water. Some mild tingling, irritation or slight redness is normal. However, if discomfort occurs please cease use immediately. Always use sun protection during treatment to protect the new, younger skin cells brought to the surface.

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