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8 Skincare Sins We’re All Guilty Of

8 skincare fails

The spectre of bad skin haunts us all, but no matter how many Cosmo articles we’ve poured over, or New Year’s resolutions we’ve made, we still do things to our skin that we know are bad for it. Whether you just slap on the same moisturiser your mum used, can’t resist when it comes to popping that spot, or only ever cleanse with a face wipe in the work toilets; we all have a scary skin habit we hate to admit.

We probably all do things in our skincare regime, or don’t do things, without even realising that it’s bad for our skin. You might think that all these little cheats don’t matter, but they can add up to premature aging and increased breakouts if they become regular bad habits. 

Sleeping in Your Makeup

Whether it’s a dramatic full face or just our mascara, we’re all guilty of sleeping in our makeup sometimes. You might think that it’s okay as long as you don’t do it often, but a combination of partying, staying up late, and sleeping in a thick layer of foundation will play havoc with your skin. Keep a pack of face wipes by your bed for emergencies, no excuses! 

Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? Are they soft and shiny, or covered in the cakey residue of every makeup look you’ve tried for at least a year? Most skin experts recommend that you wash your makeup brushes at least once a month, and some recommend as much as once a week for foundation and concealer brushes! Give them a wash with a little shampoo to stop them from spreading icky bacteria all over your face.

Squeezing Blemishes

If the surge in pimple popping videos on social media is anything to go by, we just can’t resist the strangely satisfying feeling of squeezing a spot. You might think that it will be less obvious if you try to remove it, but popping blemishes causes bacteria to spread and can even scar the skin.

Skipping SPF 

In the winter months, it can be easy to think that the weak sunlight has little effect on your skin. Whilst the threat is lower than it is at the height of summer, the winter sun still causes irreversible damage and ages the skin. Invest in a foundation with an SPF rating, or mix a little facial sun cream in with your moisturiser.

Using the Wrong Product for Your Skin Type

It can be easy to fall into the trap of using the same skincare that your mum or best friend does, but getting the right product for your skin type is very important. Sharing your mum’s rich moisturiser, even though your skin is oily, can lead to more breakouts. Similarly, using a light moisturiser on your dry skin can lead to rough patches and flaking, as the skin becomes dehydrated. Most beauty counters will offer you a basic consultation on what is best for your skin, so you have no excuses for using the wrong products!

Slapping It On and Rubbing It In 

No matter how many times we’re told that cleansing and moisturising should be done in upwards strokes, we’re all guilty of squirting loads of product onto our hand and vigorously rubbing it into our face. This is an easy habit to kick, and our skin will thank us for not pulling it downwards, stretching it and making it sore. At best it makes your face a bit red, at worst it causes wrinkles. Stop it!

Sleeping On Your Face 

From the Ancient Egyptians to the Japanese Geisha, humans have always been looking for better ways to sleep to make us more beautiful. Unfortunately, if you like to sleep with your face in your pillow, it’s bad news. Sleeping on your front or side increases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. For a smoother complexion, sleep on your back and never mind about the snoring. 

Not Taking Care of the Inside

Beauty starts from within, as the age-worn phrase goes, and when it comes to skin this is especially true. Eat an entire large pizza to yourself? Prepare for the tell-tale signs to show on your face. A change in diet often means a change in the appearance of your skin, so if you want to glow from the inside out, add plenty of fruit and veg as well as eight glasses of water to your daily routine.

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