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Ancient skin treatments that actually work

ancient skin treatments

Since ancient times, we have been looking for ways to make ourselves look more attractive, from decorating our bodies with coloured patterns to making our skin glow with a variety of natural ingredients. As far back as the Ancient Egyptians; men and women have been using all kinds of products to treat skin problems and appear more attractive. Today, many of us have a whole array of different lotions and potions in the bathroom cupboard, by our beds, and in our makeup bags, designed to make us appear younger, fresher, smoother. Oils, cleansers, serums and creams are used to fight a variety of skin conditions, from acne to ageing, and they have long lists of ingredients that help them do that. 

What many of us don’t realise is that some of the ingredients in those products have been used for thousands of years by women and men trying to look younger and more beautiful. 

Some of the beauty treatments used by our ancestors were gross, ineffective, and even downright dangerous. From facials with crocodile faeces to stimulating radium cosmetics, there are quite a few ancient skincare ingredients that should never be revisited. Lead poisoning, a face full of boils and a rat infestation in your hair are too high of a price to pay for beauty.

However, some beauty treatments that were used in ancient times are still used today, thanks to their proven impact and benefits. Whether they have been passed down by generations of women, are used ceremonially the night before a wedding, or have been tested by scientists and included in the skincare on our shelves; plenty of ancient skincare wisdom lives on.

In this infographic, we’ve collected some of the ancient skincare treatments that actually work and how they are used for modern day skincare. From snail slime to seaweed, you’ll be amazed what you could find in the ingredients list on the back of your skincare packaging. 

ancient skin treatments

If you’re not sure whether you fancy using the ancient skincare treatments from our infographic, or you simply want to overhaul your skincare regime with effective, scientifically-tested, natural products, Vivderma is for you. From active, targeted treatments that deliver real results to dermatologist-approved skincare designed for everyday use, our range has something for everyone. If you want to stock up your bathroom cupboard, or offer them to clients at your business, browse the full range online or call our friendly sales team on 01484 538 967. 

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