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Ask Our Dermatologist: Tired Skin


We all have such hectic lives it can be a struggle to get enough time to relax and sleep properly, leaving us looking tired. Our skin is one of the first things to suffer when our lives are busy and it quickly becomes as dull, flat and tired looking as we feel. Our dermatologist has put together some tips for getting tired skin looking brighter, fresher and more awake – and keeping it that way.

Minimise Sun Damage

 Sun damage is one of the main culprits when it comes to skin that looks tired and dull. The damage caused by exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can prevent the essential skin cell renewal that keeps your skin looking healthy and glowing. If you don’t use sun protection every day, sun damage is probably one of the reasons your skin looks tired. Invest in a lightweight sunscreen to layer under your makeup, or try a foundation that has a sun protection factor. On sunny days, it is best to wear a hat with a wide brim to protect the delicate skin on your face or try not to spend too much time in the sun. Your skin will thank you.


Stop Smoking 

To add to the multitude of other reasons to quit smoking, lighting up can cause the skin to look tired. The chemicals in cigarettes dry out your skin and damage the cells, preventing regeneration that keeps your skin looking fresh and glowing. As long as you keep smoking, the chemicals in cigarettes are going to keep your skin looking dull and lifeless.

The good news is that once you quit smoking you’ll see huge improvements in your skin in just a few weeks. You’ll have fewer breakouts, and your skin will look visibly smoother and brighter than it has since you started smoking. Over time, you’ll also develop fewer fine lines and wrinkles. Keeping you looking younger for longer.

Less Coffee, More Water 

Many of us can’t make it through the day without a regular injection of caffeine, whether it be coffee, builders’ tea, or can after can of diet coke. However, our caffeine addictions might be one of the reasons our skin looks so tired all the time. Caffeine is a diuretic, which makes it harder for your body to hold onto essential moisture, making your skin look dry and tired. The high levels of tannins found in tea and coffee can also make it hard for your skin cells to absorb essential moisture and nutrients.

Switch your regular coffee with lemon squeezed into hot water, to keep hydrated and help clear and brighten your skin. You’ll probably sleep better too, which will also prevent your skin from looking tired.

Exercise to Increase Circulation

If your skin looks tired, it could be that you aren’t getting enough exercise. Upping your activity levels boosts blood circulation around the body, delivering much-needed oxygen to the skin to prevent it from looking dull or tired. If you find that your skin often looks a bit lifeless, try working a 30-minute workout into your morning routine. It will help boost your energy for the day ahead, as well as getting your skin looking fresh and glowing. Even just taking the stairs instead of the lift at work will boost your circulation and put a bit of colour in your cheeks. 

Introduce an Exfoliator 


Exfoliating is a great way to brighten tired looking skin, as it polishes away dead cells and leaves the skin looking clearer. Choose a product that is gentle on the skin, as over exfoliation can leave the skin dry, red and sore. Applying the exfoliator in a circular motion will help boost blood circulation to the skin, whilst sweeping away dirt, dead cells and environmental build up. Twice a week is usually often enough to get the benefits of exfoliating without irritating the skin, leaving it soft and glowing all week long.

Get the Right Moisturiser

Moisturiser is a frontline weapon in the battle against tired looking skin, which often translates as skin which looks dry and dull. Choosing the right moisturiser for your skin type can make a huge difference to the appearance of your skin, ensuring it is properly hydrated, but also not clogged with overly rich product. Moisturiser helps lock in hydration, leaving your skin with the kind of healthy glow that makes skin look fresh and youthful. If you struggle with dry patches carry a travel-sized moisturiser in your purse to add a little hydration throughout the day when your skin looks tired and tight.

Don’t Be Scared of Facial Oils


Many people steer clear of facial oils, thinking they will make their skin greasy and encourage breakouts. That’s not the case at all and facial oils are amazing for reviving even oily skin types. The lighter formula of an oil means they can deliver active ingredients to all layers of the skin and deliver moisture without clogging up pores with heavy creams. Try massaging your favourite in with circular strokes, moving up your face. This will encourage circulation, which, combined with the hydrating oil, will leave your skin looking bright and rejuvenated. You’ll wonder how you ever kept your skin looking fresh and glowing without a facial oil in your life.

Try a Retinol Treatment

Retinol is a lifesaving product for stubbornly tired and dull looking skin. It boosts cell turnover, causing the skin to shed dead cells and bring new cells to the surface. A full retinol-based cellular recovery system will increase the concentration of retinol your skin is being treated with week by week to give you the best possible results. The skin will be left rejuvenated and glowing, with a much more youthful appearance. If your skin seems to look tired and lacklustre no matter what you try, a retinol treatment could be for you.

To keep your skin looking healthy and fresh, Vivderma have crafted a unique range of luxury skincare products that are formulated and tested by expert dermatologists. If you want to give your skin a refreshing boost, browse our full range of products online.

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