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How Has Beauty Changed Through the Decades?

Perceptions of beauty have changed dramatically over the years, with different styles and fashions catching the attention of the beauty industry as the decades come and go. From the glamorous pin-ups of the 1940s to the loud and colourful style icons of the 80s, the passing decades have produced an amazing array of beauty standards and fashions.

Many of the current beauty trends have borrowed heavily from the different fashions and trends of the past – from Hepburn-style pixie cuts to Twiggy’s eye-catching eyelashes. So, here we take a little stroll through the styles and fashions made popular throughout the past 10 decades – chronicling how beauty has changed over the years. This is Vivderma’s guide to Beauty Through the Decades. 



The past century has certainly thrown up some incredible styles and fashions, characterised by some of the great beauties of the 20th and 21st centuries. It’s hard to imagine that the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly will be forgotten in another 100 years, and beyond, and their impact on the world of beauty will continue to live on and inspire new generations of women. 

One of the most noticeable things about how the perception of beauty has changed over the years is how certain trends and fashions continue to come into focus time and again. It’s almost possible to guess upcoming beauty trends and fashions based upon what has gone before. So, this guide could even help you prepare your wardrobe for the coming season and your beauty regime in the near future to stay just ahead of the fashion curve.

So, will your 2017 look be influenced by Ingrid Bergman or Kate Moss? Will you be opting for a more minimalistic approach to your beauty regime, or will you proudly opt for over-the-top fashion?

Whether you exist on the cutting edge of beauty or prefer to pay homage to retro styles of past decades, healthy-looking skin is a beauty standard women all around the world have sought for hundreds of years.

Despite the changes in beauty trends – healthy looking glowing skin has always been in fashion, and always will be. At Vivderma, we have teamed up with experienced dermatologists to create a collection of luxury skincare products to help your skin look and feel its best now and for years to come. Visit our online shop to browse the full collection. 

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