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Ask Our Dermatologist: How to Minimise Under Eye Bags

minimise under eye bags

Is there any tell-tale sign as obvious as under eye bags, giving away all of our little secrets? Whether you want to hide the effects of an amazing girls’ night out on a school night (the horror!) or wish to be 40 in writing only; minimising under eye bags can help you look younger and feel better.

Sadly, under eye bags seem to be a natural hazard of ageing and modern living, scaring the life out of us as we stare into the bathroom mirror first thing in the morning. But there are steps you can take to minimise under eye bags, from lifestyle changes to new beauty regimes.

And this is what we’ll explore in the first edition of the Vivderma ‘Ask Our Dermatologist’ series, how exactly can we minimise under eye bags?  

Kick the Caffeine

Your latte on the way to work may be the only thing which gets you through another stressful day in the office, but too much caffeine can lead to eye puffiness and bags. We know this is, perhaps, the last bit of news you want to hear right now, but there are plenty of caffeine-free alternatives offered by the high street coffee brands. Caffeine-free herbal and loose-leaf teas make a delicious alternative to your usual caffeine hit, and bring with them a huge number of health benefits alongside minimising under eye bags.

Kicking caffeine in one big effort can be difficult and can even lead to withdrawal symptoms, so we’d suggest slowly reducing the number of caffeinated drinks you have every day, until the number reaches a big 0.

And the Tobacco

We know there’s already enough reasons to give up smoking, and that finding a legit reason isn’t the difficult part, but tobacco can also really affect your under eye bags. If you are a smoker, one of the quickest (not to mention a huge number of other health benefits) ways to minimise those under eye bags is to put the cigarette out.

Additionally, for those ready to really overhaul their lifestyle choices in the name of clearer and less puffy under eye bags – reducing alcohol consumption can also help. 

Get Your Eight Hours

A good night’s sleep every night is hugely important to your skin and your eyes, keeping them bright and alert (the same goes for your mind). This makes it vital that you try and cut short the late nights and maybe treat yourself to the snooze button every so often. Getting close to eight hours sleep every night could do wonders for your under eye bags. 

Heidi Klum’s beauty secret? 10 hours sleep a night!

Use a Lighter Concealer

Using a concealer around your eyes which is one shade lighter than your skin tone could help offer a temporary fix. This trick could help to disguise the dark formations underneath the eye, perfect on a Monday morning in work following a big weekend.

A concealer which boasts an SPF of 15 or higher could also help protect the skin around your eyes (one of the thinnest parts of the body) against the effects of the sun.

Cool Down Your Eyes

Swelling around the eyes can increase the size and intensify the colour of under eye bags. To help prevent any swelling, routinely cool down your eyes with a cold compress. Chilled spoons, cucumber slices and tea bags are amongst the household items you can place over your eyes to quickly and effectively reduce swelling, which can help minimise under eye bags in the long term.

Just leaving these on your eyes for 10 minutes at a time, once or twice a week, could help stave off dry, puffy eyes for longer.

Applying Vivderma’s de-ageing eye cream can further help to cool and de-puff eyes. The formula contains polyphenols which use anti-oxidants to help calm the skin, and offer anti-inflammatory benefits.

Always Remove Makeup Before Bed

No matter how comfortable, warm and inviting your bed may be, calling out your name as night falls; always make sure you leave enough time to completely remove all makeup before slumbering down. Eye makeup can irritate your eyes and skin which will cause them to water and become puffy.

Set up a little makeup removal station by the bathroom mirror to make this task seem less unwelcome at the end of a long day.  

Trust the Experts

At Vivderma, we put more than thirty years’ experience into caring for your skin and wellbeing. We have developed our de-ageing eye cream to hydrate the skin around the eyes, whilst smoothing out any fine lines and wrinkles. Reducing signs of ageing, stress and fatigue; the cream offers short-term and long-term benefits using a unique anti-inflammatory formula.

We believe that our products, combined with conscientious lifestyle choices, can help keep your skin looking its very best.

For our full range of clinical solutions, head over to our homepage or call us today on 01484 538 967.

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