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Skincare Secrets from Around the World

skincare secrets

All around the world, everyone wants their skin to look and feel its best. Throughout history, we’ve all developed our own beauty regimes to ensure our skin remains as soft, supple and healthy as possible. Women from all over the world have passed beauty tips down through the generations, many of them using ingredients from the kitchen cupboard, as well as the bathroom one. If you’ve ever wondered why Chinese women have such amazing skin, or Indian women have such shiny hair, it could be that one of these strange tips is their secret.

If you need something to freshen up your beauty routine, tackle that persistent issue, or give you the look of the gorgeous women you saw on holiday, it might be time to try some tips from around the world. The internet has put every country in our back yard, and that means we can finally steal skincare tips from all those beauties overseas! Even if they might suggest that bathing in porridge, covering your face in cheese, or shrinking your pores with the breakfast juice are the tried and tested way to natural beauty. With women everywhere becoming more conscious about being eco-friendly in their beauty routines, it helps that the old tips are often the most natural! So, here we’ve compiled some of the lesser known skincare secrets from around the world, some of them genius and others just plain bizarre. Read on if you want to know how women around the world make their natural beauty shine bright. 

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