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Skincare Tips for the Over 50s: Ways to Get Glowing Skin

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Whilst wrinkles usually begin to appear in our thirties and forties, by the time we hit our fifties, our skin loses its collagen and elasticity, forcing our skin to appear duller than it once may have been.  

But there are all manner of skincare tips and tricks that can help you on your quest for youthful, glowing skin.

Skincare Tips 

Keep Moisturised at All Times! 

Keeping your skin well moisturised is important at all ages, but once you hit your 50s it’s more important than ever.

As well as your day cream, make sure you apply a rich, anti-aging night cream that will replenish and rejuvenate your skin whilst you sleep. Look out for thick, creamy products that will inject lost moisture back into the skin, as well as anti-aging ingredients such as Retinol, which will help to correct visible signs of aging.

Don’t Forget Your Neck 

Remember it’s not just your face that ages, your neck does too. And, if you overlook it, it will make you look older regardless of how youthful your face itself appears.

Apply the same skincare steps to your neck as you do your face to keep everything looking youthful and glowing.

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Exfoliation is Key 

As we age, the outer layer of dead skin on our faces becomes thicker and exfoliation becomes increasingly important to reveal the fresher, glowing skin beneath. So, exfoliate your face and your body once each week to ensure skin renewal.

Invest in the Right Products

As we age, our skin changes. So, whilst your cleanser might’ve been perfect for you in your 20s and 30s, it won’t necessarily be suitable for your skin now. Over the years, your skin becomes drier, so it’s likely that you’ll need to focus on hydrating skincare products for drier skin, as well as those with anti-aging properties. 

Beauty Tips

Once you’ve got your skincare regime sorted, it’s time to think about your beauty regime. 

Choose Your Concealer

As we age, our skin naturally features more areas of rosacea, pigmentation, thread veins, and dark under eye circles, no matter how good your skincare regime is.

Invest in a good concealer that will provide more coverage to areas that need a little extra help. Beware of concealers that are designed solely to cover blemishes, however. These typically have a drier consistency so can make your skin look older and highlight any wrinkles.

Keep Things Light

The heavier your foundation is, the more drying it will look and feel on your skin.

Or, even better, why not try switching your foundation for an ultra-light, dewy BB cream or a CC Cream, which will cover redness and imperfections, refine the skin texture, and reduce larger pores, without the weight of a traditional foundation.

This should be far more flattering and keep your skin looking soft, hydrated, and flexible.

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Say No To Face Powder

Once you reach your 40s and 50s, face powder can quickly become your enemy, particularly if you apply too much or use a product that is dry and cakey. 

Applying too much powder will enhance any fine lines and wrinkles, making you look instantly older.

So look out for powders with anti-aging properties and use the smallest possible amount to set your make up. 

Your Eyebrow Pencil is Your Friend

Our eyebrows get naturally sparser with age but an eyebrow pencil will help to keep your eyebrows neat and defined, lifting your whole look. Make sure you keep your brows tidy and invest in an eye pencil with a brush at one end so you can brush out any obvious pencil lines. 

Always Use Black Mascara 

Black mascara is a must for all women over 50. It makes the whites of the eyes appear whiter and more youthful, and the lashes appear thicker.

Oh, and don’t forget to use eyelash curlers before you apply your mascara as this will make your eyes look even bigger. 

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