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Comforting Gellee Cleanser

Comforting Gellee Cleanser

100ml ℮ 3.38 fl oz

This ultra nourishing Gellee cleanser melts into skin dissolving make-up, excess oil, dirt and environmental build up. Helping to remove impurities providing anti-ageing benefits and anti-oxidant protection. Designed with a combination of Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Moroccan Argan Oil to soothe the skin, leaving it ultra-soft to reveal a radiant and revived complexion perfectly prepped for treatment.

Fragranced with a blend of essential oils of Petitgrain, Palmarosa, Rose, Neroli and Jasmine to soothe, tone, balance and calm.

Essential pH balance for healthy skin.


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  • Our Gellee Cleanser is one of the few cleansers on the market that effectively removes makeup, including waterproof mascara. Not only does this streamline your beauty routine, so that you no longer have to remove makeup before you begin to treat your skin, but our active formula also allows you to remove makeup without having to expose your skin to harsh ingredients.

    The cleanser has a unique formula, and is applied to the face as a rich gel, which then transforms into a luxurious facial milk that sweeps away dirt and impurities when water is added. Containing both vitamin E and vitamin C, essential for cell renewal, this cleanser works to promote skin regeneration, creating a brighter, more youthful appearance.

    In addition to essential active ingredients that penetrate the skin, restore hydration and promoting healing, our Gellee Cleanser is formulated with a luxurious blend of essential oils. In our busy day-to-day lives, few of us take the time to really relax and allow ourselves to heal physically and mentally. The unique blend of Petitgrain, Palmarosa, Rose, Neroli and Jasmine oils help to restore calm and promote relaxation, perfect for soothing you before bed and ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep to keep your skin looking its best.

    More Information

    • Gentle soothing cleanser

    • Contains anti-ageing actives

    • Reveals a radiant and revived skin

    • Moisturises and plumps up skin

    • Provides anti-oxidant protection

    • For normal, dry, mature and sensitive skin

    Usage Instructions

    Smooth over skin and massage in for one minute, add water and work into milk, then remove with warm water and pat face dry.

    Use day and night.

  • DERMAHEALTH Biomimetic Skin Complex™ (B.S.C™)

    The Biomimetic structure of this formula mimics the natural biological conditions of healthy skin to ensure optimal absorption, skin compatibility and delivery of actives to each layer of the skin.


    Anti-ageing active that behaves like retinol to improve skin texture. Also provides anti-oxidant protection and calms and comforts.

    Sodium Hyaluronate

    Provides supreme surface moisture and plumps up skin.

    Bimiol BSC® 033

    Lamellar system that protects skin barrier function and regenerates the skins lipid layer from the outside.


    To help improve skin texture and tone.

    Vitamin C Lipodisq®

    Super anti-oxidant protection and collagen synthesis.

    Vitamin E

    A multi-skilled anti-oxidant that helps to strengthen and rejuvenate the skin.

    Moroccan Argan Oil

    One of the richest sources of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, an incredible all round skin improver and anti-ager.

  • What our customers are saying

    懒人必备 Sooooo good ! 买了几盒囤货 真的是懒人必备啊! 用后皮肤很嫩很舒服 都不需要洗面奶啦!
    Reviewed by jujuzoe on 01/07/2016
    Great cleanser with element of surprise! Really love this cleanser, I tend to be a bit too generous when putting on mascara so i find it quite difficult to find a cleanser that washes everything off. A little of this product goes a long way and it goes on really noce and thick then melts away into a light milk when you wash it off-i have to show this to everyone because its literally like magic! only thing is I wish it came in a pump dispenser mainly out of laziness!
    Reviewed by Ramzz on 04/02/2016

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