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Equalising Skin Moisturiser

Equalising Skin Moisturiser

50ml ℮ 1.6 fl oz

A balancing and energising moisturiser for skin with a combination of oily and dry areas that provides a quenching and harmonising boost, with intelligent actives that manage your skin's split personality. Daily use helps to reveal well-adjusted and healthy looking skin.

Fragranced with a blend of essential oils of Petitgrain, Palmarosa, Rosewood, Lavender and Geranium to soothe, tone, balance and calm.

Essential pH balance for healthy skin.


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  • Combination skin can be one of the most difficult skin types to as it may require a combination of correct products. A product that treats the areas that are prone to excess oils can often cause the drier areas of the face to become dehydrated and flaky.

    Our Equalising Skin Moisturiser works to address this issue, hydrating the skin whilst controlling the production of oils and preventing the appearance of ageing. It also improves the microcirculation of the skin, helping improve the delivery of nutrition to the cells and speeds up the removal of waste from the cells. With continued use, this can help the skin to retain a youthful appearance for longer.

    A range of active ingredients are combined in the Equalising Skin Moisturiser to provide hydration and protection, whilst promoting skin cell renewal and fighting the signs of ageing. Viderma’s trademark biomimetic skin complex mimics the natural conditions of healthy skin, helping prevent flare ups and ensuring the delivery of active ingredients to each layer of the skin.

    By blending these ingredients with natural essential oils, we have created a truly indulgent moisturiser, that will leave your skin hydrated and your senses soothed. The combination of Petitgrain, Palmarosa, Rosewood, Lavender and Geranium work together to soothe, tone and balance the skin, whilst calming the senses. Whether you are preparing to face the day, or hoping for a good night’s sleep, this product will leave you feeling soothed and refreshed.

    More Information

    • Superior moisturiser

    • Contains anti-ageing and anti-oxidants actives

    • Improves skin radiance and luminosity

    • Improves microcirculation of skin

    • For all skin types

    Usage Instructions

    Smooth over pre-cleansed skin. Use day and night.

  • DERMAHEALTH Biomimetic Skin Complex™ (B.S.C™)

    The Biomimetic structure of this formula mimics the natural biological conditions of healthy skin to ensure optimal absorption, skin compatibility and delivery of actives to each layer of the skin.

    Coenzyme Q10 + Vitamin E

    Anti-oxidant complex.


    Provides superior moisturisation for skin radiance and luminosity.


    Multifaceted anti-ageing active that improves microcirculation and helps redensify the skin.


    Powerful anti-oxidant that deactivates free radiacals and provides all round anti-ageing care.

    Bimiol BSC® 033

    Lamellar system that protects skin barrier function and regenerates the skins lipid layer from the outside.


    To help improve skin texture and tone.

    Vitamin C Lipodisq®

    Super anti-oxidant protection and collagen synthesis.

  • What our customers are saying

    夏天好棒! 很丝滑 买了夏天用真的很舒适 皮肤也嫩嫩的 和美白精华一起用 好像脸挺亮的。再坚持使用看看
    Reviewed by jujuzoe on 01/07/2016
    Great moisturiser I usually prefer a slightly thicker and creamier consistency when it comes to moisturisers but where I've been using this with the depigmentation serum daily and I've found that with this routine I really appreciate it being very light and easy to rub into my skin I've also found the combination really brightens my skin as well as keeps my skin hydrated.
    Reviewed by Ramzz on 02/06/2016

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