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Excess Oil & Oily Skin

Oily skin can be a problem for people of all ages, making it difficult to balance the skin and control breakouts. That’s why Vivderma have created a variety of products to address your specific skin concerns. Whether your skin needs purifying, equalising, or completely detoxing, our skincare range will soon have your skin looking clearer and brighter.

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Balancing Cleansing Cream


Purifying Skin Tonic


Equalising Skin Moisturiser


Detox Elixir


Developed by expert dermatologist Dr Hadi, our skincare range builds on a lifetime of professional expertise treating a wide array of skin concerns. Scientifically-formulated and tested, Vivderma’s skincare products are designed to give you clinic-standard results at home. It’s skincare that you can really rely on to make a difference. Our active ingredients are combined with the highest quality natural oils to create truly indulgent skincare that gives you visible results week after week. From the first application, your skin will look and feel clearer and more balanced.

For skin that is prone to breakouts due to oil and bacteria build-up, our purifying products are the perfect solution, as they clarify the skin without using harsh ingredients that often leave the skin dry and flaky. If harsh cleansers designed to strip the skin of oil have left you with flaky, sensitive skin, then our balancing cream cleanser will soothe your skin whilst controlling oil in a gentle way. For skin that is in crisis, our detox products are designed to transport active ingredients to all layers of the skin, regulating sebum production and calming inflammation. More than simply wiping away surface oils, our expert formulas get to the root of oily skin, controlling excess oil production and returning balance.