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Achieve radiant, sumptuous skin on a daily basis with our range of exfoliators and toners, developed by acclaimed senior consultant Dr Hadi. Exfoliate away the buildup of the day while balancing and restoring your skin’s natural harmony for a dazzling, blemish free complexion.

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Purifying Skin Tonic


One of the keys to amazing looking skin is using exfoliating and toning products to create a smooth, blemish-free complexion that lasts. Skin that is dehydrated and tired can often look dull, ageing the overall appearance of the complexion. Fortunately, exfoliating and daily toning can take tired looking skin from dehydrated to dazzling, by removing dead cells and purifying the skin. The deep cleansing effects of using exfoliants and toners can help remove oil, bacteria and dirt from within the pores, preventing blackheads, breakouts and uneven skin. With daily use, this leads to cleaner, smoother, brighter skin every day, improving the appearance of makeup, as well as reducing the need for heavy foundations and concealers.

Vivderma’s expertly crafted toners do more than simply hydrate the skin and minimise pores, they work harder to improve texture, tone, and reduce the appearance of ageing. Packed full of powerful anti-oxidants, they make the skin look bright, healthy and youthful, whilst providing protection from further damage.

Our unique Seboclear formula actually reduces the production of sebum, reducing the number and appearance of blackheads, redness and inflammation. It also contains a mild exfoliant, which buffs away dirt and dead cells on the skin’s surface for instant brightening. The protective barrier formed by the toner prevents the skin from becoming more damaged, whilst promoting healing regeneration of the lipid layer. Scientifically formulated and tested, Vivderma’s Purifying Skin Tonic provides the instant gratification of cleansing and brightening, as it penetrates the layers of the skin to create long-lasting improvements in clarity, skin tone and fine lines.