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When it comes to the signs of ageing, the eyes are a distinct area of concern. Fight crow’s feet and dark circles with our specialist range of eye products, developed specially to firm, lift and hydrate the eye area – reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Or remove eye and lip makeup effortlessly with our range of makeup removers that dissolve and lift away lipstick, mascara and all types of eye makeup.

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Correcting Eye Serum


De-Ageing Eye Cream


Tired looking eyes can be difficult to combat in the busy modern lives that we lead and age the whole face. That’s why Vivderma has formulated a range that deals with crow’s feet, eye bags and dark circles at the root, rather than just treating the surface of the skin. Many eye treatments simply conceal problem areas around the eyes, rather than treating the cause and minimising wrinkles and dark circles for good.

Our De-Ageing Eye Cream has been developed by leading dermatologists to tackle fine lines, inflammation and dark circles around the eyes through all the skin’s layers. It provides instant hydration, which immediately makes the eyes look brighter and younger. Soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients reduce puffiness, leaving the under eye area looking smooth and refreshed, whilst anti-oxidants protect the skin from further damage.

Regular use firms the appearance of the entire eyelid and under eye area, reducing the signs of tiredness and stress. The metal ball applicator also gives instant relief to tired eyes, providing a cool massage that reduces puffiness, inflammation and fluid build-up. Pop it in the fridge overnight for an extra sense of rejuvenation in the morning and face the day bright eyed and bushy tailed.