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If your skin is in a crisis – you need an intensive, specialist solution. Our kits use over thirty years of dermatological knowledge to target and improve specific areas of concern. Whether it’s concentrated anti-­ageing or powerful dermabrasion, our kits are developed using a unique blend of nourishing active ingredients.

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Cellular Recovery System


Dermabrasion Scrub System


Sometimes your skin needs a little extra care, and that’s where our skin kits come in. These clever kits build on thirty years of dermatological expertise to give you clinic-standard solutions in your own home. Formulated to target specific skin concerns, these kits give your skin a course of treatment that will leave it pampered and rejuvenated. Skin pigmentation and blemishes can all be visibly improved by our intensive courses, designed to combat skin concerns and leave you looking, and feeling, your best.

Our Cellular Recovery System is an intensive four-week course that accelerates cellular turnover, bringing younger cells to the surface to improve skin tone and clarity, and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. The treatment is used daily to boost collagen production, which the firms the skin, improving the structure and the contours of the complexion. In addition to this, the concentrated active ingredients diminish the appearance of age spots and uneven pigmentation, as well as reducing breakouts.

Vivderma founder Dr Hadi Abushaira has used the knowledge he gained from his work as a renowned consultant dermatologist to create expert skincare systems that can be used at home, eliminating the need for a trip to the clinic but still producing outstanding results. Vivderma’s products are crafted with high-performance active ingredients to create skincare that really works.

By mimicking the natural biological conditions of healthy skin, our skincare kits ensure optimal absorption, skin compatibility and deep delivery to each layer of skin. That’s why our skincare kits produce not only long-lasting improvements, but also the instant gratification of visibly better skin from the first application.