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Night Treatments

Wake up to a new you. Our range of Night Treatments have been specially developed to reduce wrinkle lines, while improving your skin’s tone and texture. Simply apply and sleep for a nocturnal moisture and nutrient boost that will produce full, antioxidant ­protected skin.

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Perfecting Facial Oil


Our skin repairs itself when we’re sleeping, and our night treatments take advantage of this with active ingredients to boost the skin’s natural healing through the night. It is a great time to use targeted moisturiser, as the product can penetrate each layer of skin as we sleep and heal imperfections as it delivers moisture.

Overnight treatments can also be richer or more concentrated, as they do not have to sit under makeup or be used alongside other products. This means that you can do intense, clinical-level skin treatments at home as you sleep and wake up as a younger, brighter you.

Facial oils with active ingredients are a great way to boost moisture and heal imperfections as we sleep. Many people avoid facial oils, believing that it will make their skin greasy, but facial oil actually balances oil production in the skin, creating glow whilst decreasing shine.

Vivderma’s luxurious, ultra-fine facial oil nourishes the skin for a brighter, more even skin tone as you sleep. By combining rich Moroccan Argan Oil with luxurious natural Rosehip Oil, it delivers superior moisture to all layers of the skin. Argan Oil has been hailed as a beauty saviour because of its high concentration of vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which improve skin and reduce the effects of ageing. Rosehip Oil is particularly effective in reducing scars and leaving skin supple, firm, smooth and blemish free. Vivderma’s products are created by leading dermatologists and are scientifically tested, creating clinic-level results with a luxurious feel.