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Pigmentation & Uneven Tone

Pigmentation and uneven skin tone is something that can affect people of any skin type, at different times in their life. However, as we age, the cellular communication that helps to renew damaged tissue loses energy, so many people begin to experience uneven pigmentation later in life.

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Correcting an uneven skin tone often means targeting pigmentation in all layers of the skin to boost cell renewal, correcting and brightening the overall tone. Vivderma offer a selection of targeted skincare solutions that minimise the appearance of pigmentation, from correcting facial oils to intensive cell recovery systems.

Whether you are looking for a protective product to work into your everyday routine or a targeted treatment that will improve your skin tone fast, Vivderma has the right product to suit you. Founder and creator Dr Hadi has built on a lifetime of experience treating a wide array of skin conditions as a dermatologist. This expertise has given Vivderma’s products a strong clinical foundation, enabling us to formulate skincare that delivers real, visible results.

Central to our ethos is the belief that skincare should improve the appearance of skin with continued use, but also from the first application. We aim to create products that deliver exactly what they say on the tin, and the effects of which can be seen in the mirror from the first use.

From everyday skincare products to specialist, targeted systems, our range provides clinic-standard results in the comfort of your own home. By combining scientifically-tested formulas with the highest quality natural oils, Vivderma have created a range of skincare that is as effective as it is indulgent.