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Perfect your skin with our range of dermatologically developed serums. Select a serum based on the individual requirements of your skin, then add to your daily moisturising routine for velvety smooth, soft and hydrated skin. With a host of targeted actives, our range will deliver immediate results that last.

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Detox Elixir


Perfecting Facial Oil


From clearing blemishes to smoothing wrinkles, there’s a reason that oils, serums and elixirs have become big news in skincare. Almost like a very lightweight moisturiser, they penetrate deeper than thicker moisturisers to deliver active ingredients to all layers of the skin. As the heavier ingredients used in moisturisers aren’t needed in oils and serums, the formula can contain more active ingredients, offering better results faster. Our formulas have targeted active ingredients to create the results you crave, whether that be firmer, more youthful skin, a smoother skin appearance, or a reduction in pigmentation.

All our serums, oils and elixirs contain our trademarked DERMAHEALTH Biomimetic Skin Complex formula, which imitates the biological conditions of healthy skin, improving appearance and promoting deep skin penetration. In addition to this, our products contain active ingredients that have been scientifically developed to target specific skin concerns. All of this is carefully blended with the finest natural oils to create a truly indulgent skincare experience.

If you have problem skin, it might be tempting to think that serums, oils and elixirs are not for you. At Vivderma, our experts know that this isn’t necessarily true; serums and oils are an amazing way of not only replacing lost moisture, but also treating skin problems such as breakouts. Where oil-free products strip the skin, sometimes causing more oil to be produced, serums and oils offer a balancing effect, perfecting and clearing the skin. When oils and serums are used as part of a morning beauty routine, they make the skin appear smoother and more luminous, as well as improving the way that makeup sits on the skin. Try out one of our serums, oils and elixirs to see visible improvements in your skin from the first application.