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Depigmentation Serum

Depigmentation Serum

30ml ℮ 1 fl oz

An intensive serum targeting skin and pigmentation layer by layer to help correct and brighten skin tone, de-pigment age spots and UV photo damage by preventing further skin discolouration.

As we age the cellular communication that helps maintain the balance between recycling damaged tissue and regeneration of new, loses energy. As a result of this imbalance, the MMPs in the skin begin to destroy the supportive matrix faster than it can be rejuvenated.

One of the signs of oxidative stress and skin matrix disorganisation is hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.

This lightweight, easily absorbed serum is an energy concentrate that helps counteract this, stimulating the cell metabolism and communication, reorganising the cellular structure thereby resulting in improved skin tone, elasticity, depigmentation and overall radiance.

Essential pH balance for healthy skin.


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  • Correcting the skin tone when pigmentation has occurred is challenging and it can take a specially formulated product to perform the job. At Vivderma, we work alongside expert dermatologists, so you can be sure that our depigmentation serum will give you real results. Our Skinergium2 formula contains active ingredients designed to rejuvenate tired skin cells to brighten and revitalise a dull skin tone. This can make the skin appear more even, whilst restoring radiance to the complexion for a youthful glow.

    Our Depigmentation Serum also contains a potent anti-oxidant, with Sirtuins 1 and 3, designed to protect the skin from additional damage, whilst also repairing the skin on a DNA level. With continued use, the skin tone can become visibly more even, whilst being protected from further damage. All of this is blended with the most luxurious ingredients, for a lightweight serum that leaves skin feeling as good as it looks. By blending our active ingredients with the finest essential oils, we have created a serum that will treat your senses, as it treats your skin concerns.

    More Information

    • Rich multi-active serum

    • Targets skin pigmentation

    • Brightens skin tone

    • Clears age spots

    • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

    • For all skin types

    Usage Instructions

    Smooth over clean dry skin daily before moisturising. Use day and night.

  • DERMAHEALTH Biomimetic Skin Complex™ (B.S.C™)

    The Biomimetic structure of this formula mimics the natural biological conditions of healthy skin to ensure optimal absorption, skin compatibility and delivery of actives to each layer of the skin.


    Provides energy to tired skin cells to brighten and revitalise dull skin tone, providing luminosity and radiance to the complexion.


    A potent anti-oxidant that helps prevent the oxidative stress on the skin that can cause hyperpigmentation, activating Sirtuins 1 & 3 that help protect from and repair damage to the skin’s DNA.

  • What our customers are saying

    Lovely lightweight serum I've just finished my first bottle and I really love the consistency of the serum and where I've had to be quite generous with other serums I really felt like a very small amount of this covered my whole face which is amazing because I usually get pump happy- this way it actually lasted much longer than it usually takes for me to finish a bottle. I found that using it almost as a primer before applying makeup really makes my makeup application easier and my skin just generally looks much brighter which is something I tend to struggle with.
    Reviewed by Ramzz on 02/06/2016

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