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Skin Rehab

No matter what your skin type, sometimes everyone’s complexion needs special treatment to get it looking its best. Vivderma’s Skin Rehab range is designed to do exactly that—penetrating all of the skin’s layers to detox the skin and promote cell renewal.

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Cellular Recovery System


Detox Elixir


Dermabrasion Scrub System


Correcting Eye Serum


If your skin looks tired, lined, or covered in breakouts, this is the range for you. From elixirs designed to soothe the skin and prevent premature ageing to intensive skin treatment courses designed to completely overhaul the complexion, our selection of skincare products worry about tackling the difficult problems so you don’t have to.

The Skin Rehab range is designed to get to the root of stubborn skin problems and treat them at the source, leading to better skin with results that last and last. Building on a lifetime of clinical experience treating a wide array of skin problems, Vivderma founder Dr Hadi created our Skin Rehab products with the goal of achieving professional results at home.

Combining scientifically-formulated active ingredients and high-quality natural essential oils, Vivderma’s Skin Rehab range is as indulgent as it is effective. Central to our ethos is the belief that skincare should offer both immediate and long-term results, so you can see the difference right there in the mirror from the first application.

Our Skin Rehab range is designed to create significant improvements week after week, with intensive treatments that deliver the results of the dermatologist’s clinic without the hassle of appointments. If your skin needs some urgent TLC, this is the range for you.